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In the past year, every airport I've been through has required the removal of shoes at the security check point. Which means it doesn't make much difference, as all shoes are going through the xray. Clogs have the advantage of being easy to slip off and on.


I am green with envy (pun absolutely intended) that you are one of those lucky few who look good in lime green. It's a great color, but on most of us it makes us look ill.


Kaphine - There's the metal detector elsewhere problem, still. Outside the airport they don't generally have you remove your shoes, and the shoes will set of the detector and then I have to get wanded.


Ooh! Al will be *so* impressed!

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Thanks for adding the new information, as well as your analysis. This is why your blog is one of the few I read that I also ever bother to comment on. I don't do it to hear myself talk - I do it because I know you actually listen.

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