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I'm thinking this may be a job for Mister Library Man (you out there hon?) but I can tell you that the rap version of Every Breath You Take is almost undoubtedly by Diddy, formerly P Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy.


Nickname them what you want to. It's really only for your reference anyway. Maybe you should just call the album Mix Tape From So-and-So. Big deal. Name everything the way you wanna find it.


I'm starting with the commercially produced tapes and mixes with some kind of liner listing, myself. So much for Mr. Library Man. :-)

But ah feel yer pain. Hell, I'm obsessing over whether my music genres are too generic and I should go back and break out all the different kinds of "world" and "folk" and "rock" music. Or dates... all those dates...

(It's not just a job, it's a compulsion.)


Wait, there's GENRES, too? HOLY CRAP! Now you're going to make my brain explode. Especially since the first tape I plan on copying over is Me First and the Gimme Gimme's "Are a Drag."

Cover tunes?
Show tunes?
Surf punk?
Modern punk that isn't really punk but we call it punk anyways?

And Kaphine - therein lies the problem, as I don't want to name the song, "When you hear this fast forward about 30 seconds and you'll get to the song you always wanted to listen to." or "The one you always really liked, and always forgot it was on that tape." or "Oh yeah, this one, that sounds a lot like that one and always got you confused."

Which was, more or less, how I always catalogued the songs in my brain when I was listening to the tapes on a regular basis.


OK... on genres, take Kaphine's advice. The right genre is the one which is most likely to put that song in a group of other songs you'll want to hear at the same time.

So is it going to bug you when your classic punk and modern punk end up in the same playlist? Are you likely to want to pull up a list of all your cover tunes
at once?

(Man, I'd never thought of Cover Song as a genre. Curse you!)

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