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Yeah, I've got the same thing. It's really hard for me to get in a place where something so serious is "entertaining."

Funnily enough, I didn't have any trouble getting to Syriana. I can see something that's serious and obviously fictional easier than something "based on a true story."


Yup. We run into that all the time. When Al is looking for something meaningful, I'm only really capable of sitting through things with big explosions and a car chase or two. When I want something serious, Al falls asleep (case in point, Syriana).


Great idea!

We ended up watching Hotel Rwanda when it came up in our Netflix queue and we ran out of other stuff.

That said, it was amazing--an amazing story and an amazing movie. I am so glad to have seen it and it was not as diturbing, in some ways, as I expected.

Maybe when you move to the 'couve (not sure about spelling there) we could have a monthly get together for Socially Responsible Movie Night with a bunch of folks...



That is an EXCELLENT idea!

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