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Central Library should be in the region covered by the new, free wi-fi. It may still even have *$ inside, and is close to restaurants, if not.

There's a Wi-fi PDX map: http://www.wifipdx.com/.

If you want to go deluxe, check out Cubespace at www.cubespacepdx.com.

Jennifer Coomer

You all probably don't have Krystal's out there, do you? They're a hotspot. But I'm thinking they're a Southern thang.

Jenni Brown

What area of town will you be in?


I hate to suggest it, but I think most Starbucks has WiFi, and as long as you don't mind an endless supply of soy lattes and scones you should be OK.


In my neighborhood, a small coffee house called Space Monkey has wifi and has snacks. Plus, it is next door to a wonderful cafe called the Arleta Library Cafe.

It is at SE 72nd and Harold.


Best of luck!


I really like Crema:

They close at 6pm, and can be a bit noisy in the morning hours but the coffee and pastries are good.

Also, much of downtown and the inner east side and Lloyd District is now covered by the city's free wifi network:

So if you can find a spot you like, it may have free wifi separate from the business.

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