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Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit.

Oh...John Cusack....


Ditto Jennifer's comment.

Sam's friend's wife is the step-sister of the wives of both Joshua Malina (one of my favorite TV actors) and Timothy Busfield, who is not so bad either. They have a rustic family cabin up on Tahoe where we stayed last December. So my butt has sat where 2 West Wingers have sat.

Did you follow that?

Also, they recently filmed a movie called Feast of Love, which stars Morgan Freemen, where I work (Reed College). Some of my co-workers saw him and some of the other stars on campus. I was surprised--they just let us walk through the scenes when they weren't filming if we needed to cross that part of campus.



I'll see your Morgan Freeman, and up you Robert DeNiro, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Marlee Matlin, and Melissa Gilbert. I used to work at the Solomon Courthouse in downtown PDX and a Lifetime made for TV movie (with Matlin and Gilbert) was filmed in the lobby, and the courtroom scenes for Men of Honor were filmed the other side of the wall from where my desk was.


My dad's partner, Dean, wrote & directed "Footloose" so there's the Kevin Bacon & Sarah Jessica Parker link...


My dad was in a production of West Side Story with Bebe Neuwirth as Anita, so that connects to the casts of Cheers and Frazier with two steps.

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