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Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit.

I am so sick of the p.c. "we can't make anyone feel bad" society that we're producing. The kids that work their butts off and do better than everyone else deserve to be honored. And this is coming from someone who graduated somewhere towards the upper middle of her class.


What's scary (from where I'm sitting anyway) is how much this _isn't_ for the bottom kids in the class, who really do need help believing they could do good academic work.

This is about not making anybody feel bad because they came in _second_.

We are raising a generation of over-scheduled, over-evaluated, over-programmed kids who need need need to be the "best," and heaven help you if you tell them they're "also very good."

And if we were honest, we'd admit that it's not about that kid who needs help, it's about avoiding the call from the psycho soccer/stage mom who just can't believe anyone would give her little angel an A-minus.


I don't think this is so much about "honoring" a specific student, I think this is about grade inflation. It's getting easier and easier to get a 4.0 nowadays due to it and it certainly isn't helping students once they get to college. 4.0 one year and the next 2.3 because they aren't prepared for the true acedemic rigors.

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