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Actually Rowling has said pretty clearly over and over again that this would be the last about this world -- and I don't think she's set herself up for a sequel about his kids, since she's led us to believe that all the tension and all the drama stems from extraordinary times, created by an extraordinary (and evil) dark wizard. She was quoted in an interview saying that she wanted to write the epilogue to show that even though Teddy Lupin was orphaned (like Harry) in ordinary, more sane times, he could be OK, untraumatized and "normal" by all measures -- it wasn't being orphaned per se that caused Harry to have such a difficult life, it was the times into which he was born.

I was really glad he finally broke loose from the shackles of the school structure. It worked when the series was a kids series, but she started to deviate from it back in Book 4, when the structure was more about the Triwizard Tournament. The structure was holding the potential of the series back, big time. I think Book 7 is her strongest book. Book 4 comes in second place, IMO.

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