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Ooooh, frustrating!! Good luck -- I hope that they get their acts together.


I've heard other Home Depot horror stories, including their refusal to let a male same-sex couple (whom I know personally) use their wedding registry.


Ouch- I would also suggest sending a hard copy of the letter, but I imagine you are on top of that.

Right now we have a $100 credit from them, but I try to avoid. I have had some good customer service from them, but usually there is just no one to help you. I guess you get what you pay for...


I haven't shopped at Home Depot in over 10 years. (Despite the fact that I drive by one of their stores three days a week on my way to and from work.) Here's my story - certainly not as frustrating as yours - I wanted to get some metal rods cut to size. As a worker walked towards me, I asked if he could tell me where I could get them cut to size. He said, "Nope. I don't do that." He never even missed a step, just kept walking like his feet were on fire, didn't offer to find someone, direct me to another department. Not squat. Pissed.Me.Off. I took my cart with well over $250 of goods to customer service, said, "I'm taking my business to McClendon's, thank you very much!" and walked out the door. Went to McClendon's, got my rods cut, and everything else on my list. Sent a letter to Home Depot store manager, never heard a thing. I was very tempted to send them a copy of every receipt that I spent elsewhere, instead of them (along with a copy of my letter to the store manager). And let me tell you, after major interior remodel and major relandscaping of our one-acre property, they missed out on a ton of $$$$$$.

Janell  Toppen

This article ran on MSN a while back http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Extra/HomeDepotShaftingShoppers.aspx

It ended up getting a response from HD's CEO.


I have despised Home Depot for years b/c of their complete lack of customer service and, besides, they give money to the wrong side of the political divide, IMHO. The last straw was their clueless unhelpfulness when I visited last to purchase new windows. Lowe's (which, btw, gives money to the political good guys) got my $2500. No, Lowe's isn't local and they aren't perfect, but they have a clue and they try to help.

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