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Ohhh the merging of the bookshelves!! We did this when we moved in to this condo, too. It was interesting. We have one bookshelf for fiction, one for "academic" books - old textbooks, materials for studying for our exams, etc, and then the living room bookshelves for everything else: travel, sports, home improvement, cooking, general reference, magazines, etc.

We did keep our fiction separate because I have a rather unique system for arranging my fiction and his books just don't fit well into that - so he has one shelf and I have three :)

I think ours would very much be a "which books are the finance major's, and which are the female's". Not completely sure though.


How about Thomas Cranmer for the Book of Common Prayer? He was the archbishop of Canterbury who compiled the first BCP. Just a thought.


I have a Spiritual bookshelf in my bedroom for all those kinds of books. My favorite shelf is the one with the few children's books I kept. I love reading "The Velveteen Rabbit" every once in awhile or losing myself in the familiar stories from the Grimm brothers.


We treat books like the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Bhagavad Gita, where we cannot I.D. the authors, like anthologies, so they are filed at the end of our Religion/Judaica category. They are alphabatized by title w/in that subcategorization. (At least theoretically. Right now, everything is more jumbled than I'd like. I'm not re-ordering the books until Boy gets a little more impulse control.)

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