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I completely agree that Obama is not out of it yet. I think there is a good chance that the Dem Convention may be a brokered one.

But, c'mon Swankette. You're not gonna vote for Huckabee or Romney, are you? I suppose you might pull the lever for McCain, but I would blame your hubby and his pernicious influence over you. ;-)

HRC is not my first choice by a long shot, but she's leagues better than any of the GOP field. The opportunity to appoint some better Supreme Court Justices should be more than enough reason to vote for Hillary, if it comes to that.

And I'm still sending Obama scratch! So I'm doing my part!


I'm with the Mr. Spoon. The race is very much undecided and will likely be so for quite some time. As I said over on TRP's blog - unlike the previous presidential election, all three D candidates give me something I can vote for above and beyond the numerous reasons to vote against the pack of horrifyingly-awful Republican candidates. Vote against Clinton if that's what your conscience tells you. Regardless who ends up on the D side of the ticket come November, though, I whole-heartedly believe they're going to be an order of magnitude more acceptable than anyone on the R side of the ticket.


Obama is certainly not out of it. By the last count I saw, he actually has two *more* delegates than HRC. I only wish that Edwards didn't seem to be everyone's second choice...



If you think I have influence, pernicious or otherwise, over Swankette...well, you don't know Swankette.

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