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Kudos to you for sending this. I'm also an Obama supporter, although I disagree with your statement that he "is, easily, the more electable candidate" He will have a really tough time beating McCain - just for different reasons than Clinton. Yes, he has built a great energized following, but not in the right states.

The states in which he won the primary or caucus (with the exception of Iowa, which tends to be close) are already Democratic strongholds. McCain was never going to win Washington or Maryland or Vermont, so Obama being favored in those states doesn't really help the Democratic party any. Just like it doesn't make an ounce of difference that Mike Huckabee took Alabama - no Democratic candidate has a prayer of getting Alabama. The states where there could actually be a fight have overwhelmingly gone for Clinton.

I really admire Obama, and was thrilled to be able to vote for him, but if he cannot beat another Democrat in Ohio (or the other major swing states), I don't know that he'll be able to beat McCain here either.


Well, first of all, I'm pretty sure the superdelegates, in general will go where the voters are going, so I wouldn't worry to much about whether he votes for Obama or Clinton. As long as Obama keeps up his pace, he'll be the nominee, because the superdelegates aren't going to decide the candidate single-handedly.

Second, while the vast majority of Democrats will vote for either Clinton or Obama, there are as many Clinton supporters who won't vote for Obama as there are Obama supporters who won't vote for Clinton. I have found this particularly true on messageboards for Spurs fans, where lots of Democrats perceive Obama as "too liberal" and then there is the unfortunate but sometimes true stereotype of Latino Democrats largely supporting Clinton because of racism.

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