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We stayed in B&Bs a lot when I was a kid, generally they were a fair bit cheaper than hotels at least where we were, and in Ireland it was one of the only options. We always had great fun as kids (staying in kid-friendly B&Bs, there are plenty that aren't), and had lots of fun playing with the pets and in the yards, etc.

I like the 4-10 room places that serve a fantastic breakfast in the front parlor where you still get privacy and hotel amenities without the institutional feel, but I think I've outgrown the small, intimate, room-in-someone's-home B&B personally.


I love B&Bs because they are personal whereas hotels are impersonal. And I do enjoy chatting with the innkeepers, as long as they are personable. They always know the lay of the land that you are in, can tell you what to do and what to avoid, and have more of a vested interest in making you comfortable.

Only a few times has the breakfast been truly outstanding, but it's at least as good as the local diner.


There are a handful of places like you describe around here. This is largely because there's only so many hotels an area this small can accommodate, and yet for a few weekends out of the year every last one of those hotels and B&Bs, plus all the local guest rooms, are sold out. I tend to prefer the 4-10 room places (which, BTW, often ARE the proprietor's home, just large enough that it doesn't feel that way), especially since we don't tend to keep the same hours that our hosts do, but the other can definitely come in handy.


Friends of ours suggested that B&Bs can be perfect for a romantic getaway.

Why would I want to spend my romantic weekend in a stranger's home, surrounded by other strangers, in someone else's bedroom, in a room with tissue-paper walls?

It was a nice, inexpensive night (since we had a coupon), but I wouldn't describe it as romantic.


Well, TRP, remember that the 4-10 room inns are frequently also called B&Bs, and they can be quite romantic. In fact, what you stayed in would not be called a B&B around these parts - it's a "guest room." Perhaps a regional difference of terms?


Well, some of us actually LIKE getting to know the owners of B&B's and getting to know the other people staying there. It has the appeal of a hostel, but is a little more grown up and makes more sense if you're traveling as a couple.

I think it comes down to personal style. I am recalling the post your husband made about comparing churches...some of us LIKE religious communities where people are warm and fuzzy and welcoming. Some people don't. It's the same with B&Bs versus traditional hotels, which I often find stiff and corporate and dull.

On the other hand, cheap motel sex is often some of the best. So maybe it depends on mood, too.


Well, I never liked hostels either. Only stayed in them for financial reasons. Only once did I enjoy it, and it was the day they accidentally put me in a women's room. Hung out all night with a cool French girl. Don't remember her name, but she took me to the Sacre Coeur (misspelled, I'm sure) church.

But I'm not good becoming best-buds with strangers, whether they're stroking my back at their church or asking questions about my life over breakfast when I've never seen them before.

Alison's point is on-target, I think. Bigger B&Bs are better. I liked the one we stayed at in boston for your wedding to Kaphine, for instance. Less forced intimacy. I loathe forced intimacy with anyone, especially strangers.


I'm with you. We have stayed in a couple but only because they were gifts. You notice we never do that on our own. I like to pick the people I spend time with. Of course the Beverly Beach is different. Like a regular hotel of sorts.

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