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I feel your pain. We decided to find out the Munchkin's sex (in part because we were having absolutely no success coming up with a name for a girl), but the extent to which babies have gender imposed upon them is really frustrating. It's funny - it's actually much easier to be gender-neutral with a girl than with a boy. Some folks may be surprised to see a baby girl dressed in blue, but that's nothing compared to the reaction you get to a boy wearing even the smallest amount of pink. Nice double-standard, eh?


Kudos to you. We get so few genuine surprises in this life...this is one of the rare times that people do get to be surprised and are genuinely happy with whatever the surprise might be.

Also, you could dress your kid up in the (stereotypically) frilliest girly clothes or the most masculine boy clothes imaginable and people will still comment on what a beautiful baby-of-the-opposite-sex you have. I had my niece with me one day, beautiful long black hair, long dark lashes, wearing clearly "feminine" floral prints and someone commented on what a strong little boy she appeared to be. Gender identity aside, choosing colors or not choosing colors has nothing to do with this confusion.

I personally can't stand pastels and make it a point to buy boldly colored baby items, even *gasp* black when I can find it. And I'm with you...who am I to determine the gender identity of any other person?

Paula Reed

Ooooh! Black! Hey, babies aren't partial. If people want to know, tell them Hedgehog is Goth, you saw the chains on its Tripp pants in the ultrasound, and black will be just perfect, thank you.

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