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Hmmm.... let's examine the list, shall we?

  • Michele Bachmann represents Minnesota's 6th Congressional District in Congress.... and is as crazy as a shithouse rat.

  • Michelle Fenty is a lawyer married to D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty.... capable, smart, and sexy. There you go!

  • Michelle Malkin is a conservative commentator.... and budding fascist.

  • Michelle Rhee is chancellor of the D.C. public school system.... and is holding up well against an onslaught of resistance to the status quo.

  • Michele Woodward is a well-known life coach and former White House Advance Office staffer under Reagan.... waitaminute. "Life Coach"? Sounds like she's on the wrong coast.

So, on balance, kinda even: Smart, capable, crazy, fascist, and life-coachy.


Michelle Norris pronounces her name MEEEEE-Shell. Which drives me crazy. Like the way CNN's Suzanne Malveaux pronounces her name to rhyme with Cezanne. Or a woman I know, Heidi, who got mad if you didn't pronounce her name so that it rhymed with "eighty."

So I don't think Michelle Norris belongs on the list. She's not a Michelle, she's a MEEEEE-Shell.

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