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I was back in my pre-preg jeans at day 8.

I gained 16lbs when I was pregnant and lost 35lb afterwards. It was the nursing for me.

Had I known then, what I know now, I would have started working out to gain muscle strength, but I don't function well on reduced sleep so I was tired all the time. Thin, but tired.


Wow, I'm all impressed. I'm trying to eek out a few more days in the last of my prepregnancy jeans, so I'm completely on the other end of this curve.


Congrats on all the positives, especially your new baby.

Did Santa bring you're subscription to SUNSET magazine?(I ask this as somehow I received a two year subscription to Art & Antique funny because the only art I have was bought on an Ebay auction.) Funnier yet is it is sort of a self portrait of Val' from valsartdiary.com called "Away", my walls and my wife don't allow it to be presented.

Anyway back to you, congrats on the Post-Hedgehog fun it is amazing how GOD gives you the energy to be up 10 times a night and still work all day, our hedgetypehog will be 21 months on the 19th of March. Appreciate every minute they just lay around because once they are moving... so are you. =*)

Oh before I forget, ebay is a great place to get bargains on subscriptions.



I forgot I was going to leave you some "feeding advice" for the Hedgehog, sorry if you already know it all but just in case some of your blog fans don't check out my learning experience on diarrhea at youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dElNQPh09iQ&feature=channel_page (the white spots on the shirt are from our hedgetypehog).

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