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Sarah Saftich

I know what you mean! There's so much conflicting info out there it will make you go crazy! I've been feeding Mason solids about twice a day, fruit in the morning and veggies at night. So far it seems to be working fine. Some literature I've read suggested that more calories during the day (solids) = better sleep at night. This has not been the case for us. I have also heard offering a source of protein (other than breastmilk) during the day does the same. My believe is: as long as they are "developing" properly, whatever that means, it's all good. It's great to hear that his pediatrician was able to give you some better direction. I think you've illustrated another good example of why it would be so useful to have a concrete parenting manual.


We had exactly the same issue with the Munchkin not gaining weight fast enough (compounded by the fact that the he absolutely would not eat solids in my presence until he was about 9 months old). Again, no developmental issues, so I kinda went the opposite way from you. I chalked it up to the fact that the only people in our family our pediatrician had met were the kid and rather zaftig me, and not all the tall skinny folks in the family.


This blog post does not mention that the boy's father (that'd be me) spent most of his life in about the 95th percentile of height and about the 5th percentile of weight. Really. I have the photos to prove it. People actually tried to clean their pipes with me. So I actually take some kind of evolutionary pride in the kid being tall and light. You know what the biologists say--it's visual proof I'm that dad and all that.

If he continues down my path, I'll just have to make sure that I take him to buy his first suit coat for debate and homecoming his junior year. That was a really traumatic experience for me, so I'll want to be there to help him through it.

Perhaps I'll blog about it. Oh, wait--I don't blog anymore.

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